Pheasant Chicks for Sale


Experience the thrill of owning a pheasant breed that defines explosiveness and agility. Stromberg’s Chickens offers you perfect pheasant chicks for your hunt club. These pheasant breeds are known for their high-flying abilities, making them ideal birds for hunting.

The Sportsman’s Favorite Pheasants

Favored by hunting preserves and sportsmen’s clubs, our pheasants showcase powerful flight. With heat-loving pheasant chicks ready for your farm, expect a mature bird by 20 weeks, with males achieving a live weight of at least 2 lbs at 26 weeks.

Naturally Wild Chicks

Looking to add pheasants to your flock? Exuding naturally wild characteristics, these chicks stay warm in a shelter even during cold conditions. Females reach a weight of 2.5 lbs, while males grow to a healthy 3.25 lbs.

Shopping Pheasants with Stromberg’s Chickens

Are you looking to purchase unique meat birds for your hunting area? We offer different breeds for you to raise. Experience the rewarding adventure of rearing these pheasant chicks from Stromberg’s Chickens today!