Game Bird Pen Construction

We carry a quality line of Game Bird Pen Construction! We have a variety of brands that you will love! Shop with us today!


Durable Game Bird Construction Materials

Stromberg’s Chickens offers all the heavy-duty construction materials you need to easily build durable game bird pens. From netting to wire fencing and fencing staples, you can find everything you need.

High-Quality Materials for Sturdy Game Bird Pens

Our heavy-duty netting is made of UV-resistant polyethylene that can withstand up to 85lbs of force and can last for up to 10 years. Meanwhile, our wire hex fencing is galvanized and coated in PVC, both of which prevent rust.

Excellent Protection from Unwanted Predators

The game bird pen materials we provide are designed to protect your pheasants and other birds from predators. Welded steel wires, heavy-duty nets, and galvanized steel materials will keep your flock safe from harm. All of our game bird and pheasant pen construction products are made to last.

Find All the Supplies You Need to Maintain Your Pheasant Pen

We have the items you need for maintaining your game bird and pheasant pens so that perimeter stays intact. Browse our website to find all of the supplies you need to repair or replace damaged parts. Keep your support posts up with our tools so your birds won’t escape!