Hobbyist and Professional-Grade Chicken Plucker Machine Selection

Speed up the plucking of backyard chicken processing with a chicken plucker that can handle four or five birds at one time. The plucker scalds the feathers off of the chicken carcass, providing you with a hands free and sanitary plucking method. Our larger poultry plucker options can handle turkeys, well suited for birds bred for Thanksgiving feasts.

Stromberg’s also offers poultry plucker machines for professional and industrial operations. These machines scald 75 pounds of birds at one time. Our selection includes models by Eco and Featherman that guarantee a properly scalded bird.

Stromberg’s Poultry Plucker for Chickens and Turkeys

At Stromberg’s, we take pride in selecting a chicken plucker that helps poultry enthusiasts or hobbyists streamline the process of getting chickens, turkeys, and other poultry products ready for sale. Place your order today and get free shipping with orders of $150 or more.