Pigeons & Doves

Would you like a romantic pair of white doves as pets or a rock pigeon flock? Stromberg’s offers an immense selection of doves and pigeons, so you can grow your poultry operation or adopt some adorable pets.


Pigeons for Every Pastime

You know Stromberg’s as the prime supplier of chickens and roosters, but we also supply a wide range of pigeon breeds, including feral and rock pigeons. Typically, individuals purchase domestic pigeons for one of three reasons:

  • To make them pets,
  • To race,
  • To show.

To race or show a pigeon, you must properly band and register the birds. We also carry the supplies for banding these birds, plus books on getting started racing pigeons or showing them.

A Wide Variety of Doves

Stromberg’s offers many breeds of dove. We sell small flocks, so you can get started breeding or simply raise a rock dove as a pet. Perhaps you want to train a pair of white-winged doves so you can release them at weddings or anniversary parties. Our selection of birds includes those pairs as well.

Shop at Stromberg’s

Let Stromberg’s help you choose the right birds to fulfill your goals for your small farm or backyard aviary. We offer a wide selection of common pigeons, other pigeon species, and doves to suit every need.