Incubators - For Eggs

Looking for a chicken egg incubator? Our selection includes a variety of incubators to support poultry farmers and hobbyists alike, whether you're managing a small backyard flock or running a large-scale commercial farm.

Importance of Incubator for Eggs

The exciting hatching process of eggs requires incubators for a successful hatch. An egg incubator can create the ideal conditions for eggs to grow and hatch into healthy chicks. Choose the right egg incubator for your needs. Consider your operation, the type of eggs you want to hatch, and your budget.

Features for Optimal Hatching

When selecting an egg incubator, look for features that enhance the hatching process and increase the success rate of your hatchlings. Our range of incubators is equipped with features that accommodate the specific needs of various types of poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese, and pheasants.

  • Temperature, ventilation, and humidity control: Our incubators offer precise settings to ensure the ideal environment for hatching eggs.
  • Automatic egg turning: This feature ensures that eggs are turned regularly, mimicking the natural process and promoting uniform heat distribution.
  • Egg candler: An integral tool for monitoring the development of embryos within the eggs. This allows you to check the viability of each egg without disrupting the incubation process.

Stromberg’s Egg Incubators

We offer small tabletop units like the Chick-Bator, which can hold a few eggs at a time, to larger capacity incubators like the 1550 Digital Hatcher, which can hold up to 1,250 quail eggs or 360 chicken eggs.

Are you a backyard hobbyist or a commercial breeder? We have the perfect incubator for your needs. Our incubators are easy to use and come with clear instructions to help you get started.