Fantail Pigeons

Fan Tails

Fantail Pigeons

Fantail pigeons, often simply referred to as “fantails,” are a unique breed of bird, known for their beautiful tail feathers that resemble a hand fan when fluffed out. At Stromberg’s, we offer six varieties of these lovely fantail pigeons, all available at great prices.

Our selection includes various breeds of fantail, from the snow-white Indian fantail pigeons to splashed and red fantails to the black and white fantails.

Origin of Fantail Pigeons

Many fantail pigeon varieties originated in India, Pakistan, and Thailand, each with its own unique coloring. All the fantail varieties we offer at Stromberg’s have gorgeous feather colors and gentle temperaments, making them great pets.

Distinguished by their fan-shaped tail, these pigeons stand out as one of the oldest and most widespread breeds. As they gained popularity, especially the Indian fantail, breeders in the United Kingdom and the United States created new breeding varieties.

Add a Fantail Pigeon to Your Flock

At Stromberg’s, we make it easy for you to discover the beauty of these fantail pigeons and expand your aviary with our beautiful fantails. You can order in pairs or by gender, depending on your needs. We don’t offer any unsexed options in these orders, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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