Fantail Pigeons

Fan Tails

Find quality fantail pigeons available at great prices with Stromberg’s Chickens. Our store offers six varieties of these lovely birds.

Our fantails make great pets and exhibition pigeons. Choose from various breeds of fantail pigeon, from the snow white Indian fantail pigeons to splashed and red fantail pigeons to the black and white fantails.

Fantail Pigeon Origin

Many fantail pigeon varieties originated in India, Pakistan, and Thailand. Their coloring varies, and all the fantail pigeon varieties we offer have gorgeous feather colors and make great pets with their gentle temperaments.

As the birds popularized, especially the Indian fantail pigeon, breeders in the United Kingdom and the United States created new varieties. Their commonality boils down to the fantails tail feathers, which resemble a hand fan when fluffed out.

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Discover the beauty of these birds and expand your aviary with the beautiful fantails. Order in pairs or by gender. We let you pick what you need and don’t offer any unsexed options in these orders. Shop Stromberg’s Chickens today!