Our selection of swans include the most beautiful birds and are a highly popular choice. Sold in pairs, you’ll find options for live chicks, fertilized eggs and others.

Trumpeter Swans

Our Trumpeter Swans, a majestic breed of swans, add a distinctive charm to any pond. Sold in pairs, these adult swans gracefully float on water, enhancing your landscape's allure.

Enjoy their elegance as these Trumpeter Swans mature to breeding age at 2–3 years. Get a young or breeder pair here at Stromberg’s Chickens.

Whooper Swan: Picturesque Beauty

Our yearling Whooper Swans, a remarkable type of swan, make a picturesque addition to any aquatic setting. With their beautiful plumage, these adult swans bring immense beauty to your landscape. Ideal for lakes or ponds, these Whooper Swans create a tranquil ambiance as they glide along the water, displaying the unique charm swans are known for.

Black Australian Swan: Unmistakably Unique

Experience the exotic allure of our Black Australian Swans. These black swans, with their striking blackish plumage contrasting with white flight feathers, add a unique charm that only swans can provide.

The distinct bugling sound and the delightful sight of these adult swans floating and feeding in shallow waters will captivate your senses.

White Mute Swan: Pure Serenity

Our White Mute Swans are a touch of pure serenity for your pond. These beautiful swans, also known as Mute Swans, spend their time gracefully floating on water and grazing underwater vegetation. The sight of these Mute Swans, their pure white plumage reflecting off the water, adds a peaceful quality to your landscape.