Brooder Pens

Chicken Brooder Pens

When you place baby chicks in a brooder, they need to remain there for at least six weeks. In warm weather, they can experience life outside during daylight hours. The outdoor temperature needs to be at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit for them to roam.

Let Your Chicks Exercise

When you let the chicks out of the brooder for this outdoor time, contain them in a chicken brooder pen. The pens we carry offer easy assembly and disassembly, so you can store them once the sun sets and place them back in the brooder.

These tough, powder-coated wire pens can fit over the brooder, so you can simply open the brooder door and let the chickens who want to wander inside the pen do so. As long as you put the baby birds back into the brooder before the temperature drops below 75 degrees, you should not need to raise the heat in the brooder.

Using Collapsable Chicken Runs

We also offer collapsible chicken runs that you can place over a brooder so the flock can wander once they’re old enough. At six weeks, they no longer need to live in the brooder and can join the rest of the flock since they’ve developed their feathers by then.

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