Adult Birds

Shop all of our adult bird selection. We have all sorts of Pigeons, Doves, Pheasants, Swans, and Cranes to choose from!


Dive into the world of exquisite adult birds at Stromberg's Chickens! Browse our carefully curated selection of game birds that is a testament to nature's beauty and grace.

Below are some of the most popular adult bird species we have for sale.

East African Crane

This stunning bird species is hard to miss with its unique golden crown, long black legs, and slate-gray feathers. With a wingspan reaching up to 6.5 ft, the East African Crane is a true embodiment of grace. Males stand taller, showcasing their grandeur. And if you're lucky, you might even catch them in their mesmerizing dance!

Swinhoe Pheasants

Introducing the Swinhoe Pheasants, especially recommended for beginners. The males' blue-purple chests and white tail feathers are particularly striking. Come breeding season, watch out for their enlarged wattles. The females, with their distinct red patches and bright red legs, are just as charming.

Trumpeter Swans

Looking for something to grace your pond? Look no further than the Trumpeter Swans. These majestic birds gracefully float, occasionally diving below to graze on underwater vegetation. Their breeding season starts between 2-3 years, and they're exclusively available in pairs.

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In addition to the adult birds mentioned above, we also offer silver and red golden pheasants, white mute swans, wood ducks, and other birds. Explore our collection and find the bird you’ve always wanted.