Poultry Water Pans & Troughs

Water Pans & Troughs

Poultry Water Pans

You can make caring for your flock easier by choosing the right chicken feeders. Feed large flocks quickly using large trough feeders. Distribute water in a similarly efficient way by using a high hen waterer to let you add water to your flock’s coop without entering the pen.

Use the high hen waterer to hold two gallons of water in a clean and sanitary jug. Distribute it using a pressurized automatic waterer.

Poultry Troughs

Use our poultry troughs for feeding chicks or chickens or for holding water. Some pan feeders also work well as water holders. Some have feed windows so each chick can peck from its own “bowl.”

Why a Diverse Selection of Feed and Water Boxes Matters

Designing the right feeding and watering system can reduce your time spent on errands so you can get to more important farm tasks. Developing a system that can hold a day or two's worth of food and water while keeping it fresh helps you create efficient business processes that keep your chickens happy and healthy.

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