Chick Waterers

Chick & Small Waterers

Chick Waterer

Keep your poultry hydrated, especially newly hatched chicks, by giving them access to water any time they need. You can use an open-top water trough, but using enclosed chick waterers keeps the water clean.

Bucket-Type Waterer and Drink Stick

There are different options of water dispensers available at Stromberg’s. One is the bucket dispenser that can store up to 3 gallons of water and is dispensed through the base, which functions as a trough. The water level from the bucket decreases and refills the base.

Another option is the stick drinker. This waterer can be hooked up into a garden hose, and the water will be dispensed through the drippers when the chicks tap the pin. This way, you can save water, time, effort, and because the water is not exposed, you can keep your poultry safe from bacteria. The stick can also be expanded by attaching more sticks after the other so you will have more drippers available.

Stromberg’s Watering Supplies

Just as important as poultry feed, water should always be accessible to your poultry. Keep your chickens, quails, and other poultry breeds happy and well-nourished. Enjoy free shipping on most orders over $150.