Pigeon Supplies

Shop our extensive range of pigeons and supplies for your flock! Whether you raise pigeons as pets, to sell, or to eat, proper pigeon care provides healthier birds.


Essential Pigeon Needs

Pigeons need clean food and water, a lofted home, and parasite control to have a healthy living environment. Each pair needs eight to 10 cubic feet of space, so the bigger your flock, the more space you’ll need for them. Aside from the necessary supplies, Stromberg’s also offers plans for multiple coop designs and kits for coops, which may need some assembly.

What Pigeon Supplies Should I Look For?

Although they have a reputation for eating little, pigeons actually eat between 0.15 and 0.25 cups of food per day. That means you’ll need to stock up on pigeon feed.

Your flock will also need treatment for mites with preventative medication, such as Permethrin. Stromberg’s Chickens also offers antibiotics and wormers.

Our wide selection of pigeon supplies also includes waterers of various sizes, from quart to five gallons, and different feeders for pairs of birds or larger flocks.

Find Quality Pigeon Products with Stromberg’s Chickens

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