Exotic Pigeons and Doves


Once you become adept at raising chickens or domestic birds, you might want to try your hand at raising an exotic pigeon pair. Stromberg’s Chickens offers the triangular spotted pigeon, African rock pigeon, hackled pigeon, red-eyed pigeon, and guinea pigeon.

These colorful pigeons readily breed when paired, producing 6 to 10 birds yearly. By purchasing a pair, you can quickly build a flock in your aviary. Note that this type of pigeon may display territorial behavior, so each pair needs a wide space.

Caring for Exotics

Each pair of these exotic birds needs its own space in a large aviary or to live in a small aviary as a couple. For example, a pair of triangular-spotted pigeons need a space measuring at least 5-feet wide, 12-feet long, and 6-feet high.

Besides their living environment, you’ll also need to provide these unique birds with the appropriate care by giving them the right food and water. We carry these supplies and necessities in our shop to ensure your beautiful birds are healthy and comfortable.

Shop Stromberg’s Chickens for Exotic Pigeons and Doves

When you want to grow your aviary and expand beyond domestic birds, shop Stromberg’s Chickens for these unique pigeons and the supplies they’ll need. Order today!