Automatic Chicken Waterers

Automatic Chicken Waterers

Automatic Chicken Waterer

Our automatic watering systems let you decide whether you want to use a poultry drinker stick with drippers (also called nipples) or a watering bowl with pressurized water hose delivery. We also offer accessories, such as adjustable brackets, tube clamps, and low-pressure tubing, to customize your set up.

Waterer Designs and Brands

Stromberg’s offers top brands, like Little Giant, so you can count on the quality of the automatic poultry waterer you purchase. With our floating valves, automatic water troughs, and waterer spacers, you can design an automatic waterer that best suits your hen house. Use our tripod kits to raise the height of the fountain bowls. This way, chickens don’t roost in front of the bowl, which could block other chickens from accessing fresh water.

Stromberg’s Great Deals on Automatic Chicken Waterers

Take advantage of our great deals on automatic waterers. Whether you use a gravity-fed or garden hose method of propagating the water, our waterers and watering supplies make caring for your flock easier. Stromberg’s offers free shipping on most orders valued at more than $150.