Bird Identification & Transport

We sell Poultry ID Bands, including Chicken Bands, Pigeon Bands, Leg Bands, and Wing Bands. We have the right poultry bands for you, shop now!


Baby Bird Identification and Transport

Identifying your birds with bands simplifies tracking them. Whether you raise pigeons or chickens, quail or turkeys, banding a bird’s foot offers a clear method of tracking the fowl’s flock, birthday, or breeding group. It is best to band the birds in their first ten days of life before their toes fully form.

Some bands use color coding to denote the year of band issue, such as the plastic ones made by the National Pigeon Association and the plexiglass ones from the American Racing Pigeon Union. Stromberg’s selection also includes spiral bands and variously colored bandettes, as well as the tools for applying them, such as sealing pliers and a toe punch.

Custom Bands for Chick Identification

Mark your flock of baby birds or baby chicks with custom bands engraved with your choice of four-line message. These aluminum butt end bands offer sturdy performance that works well in situations such as hunting preserves and wildlife preserves.

Transporting Your Chicks

Since corralling poultry requires precision tools, Stromberg’s also carries a variety of nets and fowl catchers. We also offer cardboard pheasant, quail, and chick transport boxes. Depending on the size of the box, these shipping or transport boxes accommodate 25 to 50 chicks. The selection of transport boxes includes pigeon coops with sliding doors and quail crates with a trap door lid.

Stromberg’s Banding and Transportation Supplies

Shop Stromberg’s for flock banding and transportation supplies. We ship most orders totaling $150 or more for free, so create a bulk order of baby bird ID bands or transport boxes to maximize your savings.