Ring Neck Doves

Ring Neck

Ringneck Doves

Stromberg’s Chickens offers a selection of ringneck doves with 21 varieties available. Add these colorful doves to your aviary!

Why Ring-Necked Doves?

With a lifespan of between five and 10 years, the independent ringneck doves offer those who love birds but have little time to spend caring for a pet an ideal option. These birds don’t require much attention from their owner and eat a common wild bird seed mix.

Ringneck doves reach breeding age at about 12 months of age. They lay about two eggs per clutch and may lay up to five broods per year.

Soft and Soothing Sounds

Ringneck doves, including varieties such as the cape turtle dove and the ringed turtle dove, are known for their gentle and soothing coos. Unlike other pet birds that may produce loud calls, the ring-necked dove's vocalizations are soft and melodic. These sounds are often described as comforting, making them ideal companions for both urban and rural settings.

Owners find the vocal nature of ringneck doves to be pleasant, with the birds often cooing in a repetitive, rhythmic pattern that adds a peaceful ambiance to their environment.

Longevity and Health

The body feathers and slate grey tail feathers of the ring-necked dove are not only indicators of their beauty but also of their health status. A well-maintained ringneck dove with glossy body feathers and vibrant tail feathers is often a sign of good health.

Providing a stable environment where ring necked doves can roost, socialize, and engage in natural behaviors is crucial for their well-being and longevity. Regular interaction and mental stimulation also play a significant role in the overall lifespan of these cherished birds.

Ringneck Doves Habitats

The ringneck dove needs a lofted area about six to 30 feet above ground to build its breeding nest. It forages on the ground for food. In captivity, this means you’ll need to place their waterer and feeder on the ground of their coop or loft.

Stromberg’s Chickens offers plans for poultry coops and coop kits with all the materials needed. Either of these options lets you build a bird sanctuary for your ring-necked dove or dove pair.