Day Old Baby Chicks

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When you want to stock your backyard or small farm with baby chicks, shop at Stromberg’s. We offer more than 240 options from black Jersey giant chicks to white leghorn chicks, Dominique chicks to northern bobwhite quail chicks. Our selection of day-old chicks includes both sexed batches and unsexed ones.

What does "unsexed" mean?

Some types of poultry do not develop obvious, visible gender differences, while other species do. When a batch of baby chicks receives the mark of “unsexed” it means that the groups of chicks won’t yet have the gender identified. When buying live poultry, you might get half roosters and half hens. After they have hatched, some breeds of chicken begin to show their gender differences within five weeks. Others never show visible differences.

Building a Flock

Each flock of chickens only needs one rooster. The rooster impregnates all of the hens and defines his territory. If you put two roosters in the same chicken coop and let them run, the roosters will fight one another, sometimes to the death.

By keeping your small flocks separated in separate coops and chicken runs, you make use of the multiple roosters you would obtain in an unsexed batch. One rooster services 10 hens in a typical flock. If you purchase an all-female batch and an unsexed batch, you will obtain enough chickens to create at least three flocks.

Shop our selection of day-old chicks to stock your farm’s flock.