Medications & Health

Find all of the Feed and Medication you need for your flock here!


Poultry Medication

Find all of the feed and medication your flock requires right here! For your poultry operation, Stromberg's carries a variety of vitamins, feed additives, and medical care options.

Dewormers, copper additives, and antibiotics for chickens and game birds are just a few of the medications we offer. Maintain the health of your birds by using medicated antiseptic cleaners approved for use to clean and disinfect cages, coops, and brooders.

Veterinary Medicine

Use our antibiotics to treat doves, pigeons, and other types of birds, as well as gamebirds. Over-the-counter medications for your flock can be found at Stromberg's.

We provide frequently required chicken medicine and vaccines such as Marek's disease vaccine, Pullorum antigen, and mite and lice spray.

Medical Devices

If you live in a very rural area, you likely need to handle some veterinary tasks on a regular basis. The common medical equipment and supplies used in caring for poultry are available from Stromberg's.

For instance, use a bit-fitter B applicator to apply bits to quail and pheasants to prevent them from pecking at one another. We also offer equipment for blood tests that look for Pullorum antigen.

Stromberg’s Poultry Medicine

Stromberg's is the place to go for all of your flock’s medical needs. Let us assist you in providing better care and treatment for your birds.