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Poultry Fencing

With Stromberg's extensive selection of chicken fencing supplies and tools, you can keep your chickens safer. We have everything you need for fencing right here! We offer a variety of fencing products to help you keep pests and animals apart.

Chicken Fencing

The strongest and quickest chicken fence is made of chicken wire. Pick between cloth, wire hex fencing, or hardware made of galvanized steel. Both are available in large quantities. Wire hex fencing is available in 100-foot rolls that are two to six feet wide while hardware cloth is available in 50-foot rolls that are three to six feet wide. You can quickly build a strong fence that chickens and other poultry cannot cross by combining either size with corner posts, step-in fence posts, and other posts.

Electric Fence

Creating electric fencing offers an ideal way to corral fowl. Use our solar energizers and battery backups to create a fence to keep your poultry safer and discourage digging underneath the fence. Our wide selection of electric fence supplies includes electric netting and electric netting gates. We also offer insulators, T-post drivers, and testing units.

Stromberg’s Flock and Cattle Fence

Shop Stromberg’s fencing equipment to keep your cattle and flock safer.