Premium Brooder Boxes for Chicks

Box Style

Steel Brooder Box Designs

Stromberg’s offers stainless steel chick brooder boxes with clear plastic windows so you can view your chicks without opening the box. These cozy homes for their first few weeks of life provide toasty warmth and built-in water and feed troughs.

House 50 to 100 Chicks

A brooder provides home for the newly hatched eggs. During their first few weeks of life, newly hatched chicks reside in the brooder to remain warm and safe. Typically, each brooder pen holds 50 to 100 chicks, depending on the size of the chicks. Wire mesh lids offer ventilation so your baby chicks can breathe fresh air.

Line the bottom of the chicken brooder pen with pine shavings or straw as brooder bedding for added comfort. These pens can be bought individually, and you can stack them to conserve space. We also offer stacked grow-off pens.

Choose from Heated or Non-Heated Boxes

Some brooders have built-in heat lamps, while others offer a non-heated environment. If you choose the latter, make sure to purchase a heater or heat lamp to keep the chicks warm.

Get your brooder box ready for hatchlings. Enhance your set up with Stromberg’s high quality brooder boxes and grow-off pens.