Brooder Heat Plates and Bulbs

Heat Plate - Radiant Style

Incubator and Brooder Heat Plate

Utilize brooder heat lamps and heat plates to keep your hens warm while they lay and incubate eggs. For the best results, combine these coop heating accessories.

Brooder Heat Lamp Designs and Heaters

Stromberg's offers carbon fiber coop heaters and sweeter heaters that you can use in a number of situations. While the heat lamps offered work especially well in chicken coops and small spaces like brooding boxes, the sweeter heaters offer a design that works well in many situations, from chicken brooders and hen houses to dog and cat houses, reptile cages, and kennel runs.

Brooder Heating Plate

Brooder heating plates work from the bottom up rather than from the top down as a lamp does. A heating plate warms both what's under and above it. Baby chicks can cuddle up together beneath it for warmth and explore above it, too. The top of the plate also stays warm. Our plates have adjustable legs, so you can adjust their height to accommodate growing baby chicks.

Shopping for a Chick Brooder Heating Plate

Stromberg’s offers a wide selection of heating plates and brooder lamp options. We also carry replacement bulbs and chicken brooder covers. Shop at Stromberg’s to take better care of your flock.