Other ID Methods

We sell poultry ID bands, including chicken bands, pigeon bands, leg bands, and wing bands. We have the right poultry bands for you. Shop now!


ID Options

You have options for tagging your flock for identification. Of course, if you want to show or race your birds, you must band them appropriately according to the rules of the appropriate oversight organization. When you want to tag your birds for your own organization or gaming preserve, though, you have two options: leg bands or wing bands.

Leg Bands

Racing and showing organizations use poultry leg bands for tagging. We offer these official bands, such as those from the National Pigeon Association and the American Racing Pigeon Union. Typically, each organization changes the color of its leg band annually. Stromberg’s also carries the tools to fit your birds with these devices, such as a toe punch.

Wing Bands

When marking birds for identification on your farm or game preserve, you can opt for wing bands. These bands attach to a bird’s wing in a similar way as a pierced earring attaches to a person’s ear. The poultry don’t outgrow this wing option that does not interfere with flight.

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