Anti Picking Treatment & Supplies

Anti Picking Treatment & Supplies

Anti-Picking Treatment and Supplies

We offer a range of products to help prevent your poultry from picking at each other or their own skin. Picking can lead to feather loss and skin damage, which can result in skin conditions or infections that can progress to serious illness.

Sprays and Lotions to Prevent Picking

Our selection of skin treatment supplies includes lotions, sprays, and temporary bits to help prevent your birds from causing harm to each other. These products are easy to use and can be applied to the beaks of your birds.

Use Bits to Stop Picking

Bits can be used to prevent poultry from harming each other or their own skin. These small plastic or metal devices are placed on the beak of the bird and act as a physical barrier to protect their skin and feathers. 

Bits are typically used in the early stages of a bird's life, during the first few weeks when this behavior is most common. By using a bit during this critical period, you can help prevent the development of a skin infection. 

Shop at Stromberg’s for Poultry Skin Medications and Supplies

All-natural skin products for poultry are available at Stromberg’s. We also have a range of bits in different sizes to suit the needs of birds at different stages of growth.