Dual Purpose Chickens

Dual Purpose

Dual-Purpose Chicks

Check out our premium selection of baby dual-purpose chickens for enthusiasts seeking meat and eggs. Stromberg's Chickens offers expertly bred live birds ready for your backyard or farm.

Here are some of the dual-purpose chicken breeds we have for sale.

Rhode Island Red: A True Dual-Purpose Gem

From the esteemed American Class, this breed meets the breed standard and is also perfect for 4-H use. Laying a commendable 200-280 large brown eggs a year, the Rhode Island Red boasts an active temperament with variable broodiness.

Blue Ameraucana: The Colorful Egg Layer

Identified as one of the intriguing egg layers, the Blue Ameraucana offers a medium-large blue egg, producing 180-200 eggs annually. Their active/flighty nature makes them a joy to watch. And with males weighing in at 6.5 lb and females at 5.5 lb, these birds are an ideal addition to any flock.

French Cuckoo Maran: Beauty and Function

Among the dual-purpose breeds, the French Cuckoo Maran stands out with its ability to produce over 180 large dark brown eggs a year. Their docile temperament and weight—males at 9 lb and females at 6.5 lb—make them perfect for those seeking meat birds that also lay eggs.

Whether you’re seeking meat and eggs or a vibrant addition to your poultry ensemble. Please note that color variations may be different for your chosen bird species.