White Egg Laying Chickens

White Egg Layers

You might think only a few types of chickens lay white eggs, but Stromberg’s offers you 16 white-egg layers. Ensure your flock lays the right eggs every time.

Chickens That Produce White Chicken Eggs

We offer a wide variety of white egg–laying chicken breed options. These include Hamburg chickens, laced Polish chickens, Leghorn chickens, and more. We also have Silver Spitzhauben, Lakenvelder, White Sultan chicks, etc.

Various chicken breeds lay fresh eggs in many colors—brown, cream, even blue! When you want a hen to lay jumbo white eggs, you need one of the chicken breeds that does that. Note that egg pigment colors do not affect the quality, composition, or nutritional value of the egg itself.

Contrary to some popular opinions, the bird’s feather color does not denote the egg color. For example, the white crested black polish chicken lays white eggs. So hens with white feathers won’t always lay chalk-white eggs. The hen’s genetics determine the color of the eggs it lays.

Commitment to Quality

Stromberg’s Chickens offers a range of choices in poultry, so choose from your favorites from all the breeds we offer. All of our chick sales come unsexed. That means your order will contain a mix of females and males. Baby chickens don’t develop gender markers for a few weeks after birth, but we ship day-old chicks.