Diamond Doves

Diamond Doves

Diamond Doves

When you want to add breathtaking colors to your aviary, choose from the snowy white or ultimate red of the diamond dove. The bird gets its name from the flecks on its feathers that glisten like diamonds when the sunlight hits them.

The Always Beautiful Diamond Dove for your Aviary

The social bird from Australia flits to the ground to feed; it waddles along, pecking at ants on the ground. The diamond dove’s adorable nature might tempt you to pick up these birds for a cuddle but don’t do it. They’re quite fragile, and you could easily hurt one by trying to handle them.

As a pet bird, these avian beauties will require a suitable loft to live in, as well as food and water. Known for their peaceful nature, the temperament diamond doves exhibit makes them ideal pet birds for both novice and experienced bird enthusiasts.

The small size, beautiful appearance, and gentleness of these elegant birds ensure they integrate well into family settings or aviary communities with other non-aggressive birds.

Caring for Your Avian Companions

Male diamond doves can peacefully coexist with other gentle birds, such as ringneck doves. The key to a harmonious aviary is understanding the temperament of these feathered friends and ensuring their environment is well-suited to their needs.

A proper habitat with secure cage bars is essential to keep them safe and contained. In addition to a secure enclosure, their diet should include a variety of seeds and soft fruits to meet their nutritional needs.

Choose Your Next Avian Friend at Stromberg’s

Stromberg’s Chickens offers diamond doves in pairs or sold separately. You can purchase a male and female dove. Typically, all breeds of diamond dove live eight to 12 years.

We offer unbanded, unmated, and 16 different varieties of diamond doves. Browse our wide selection, and feel free to reach out to our team to learn more.