Heat Shrink Bags & Supplies

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Heat Shrink Wrap Bags

Small family farms that sell only a few birds per year at the local farmer’s market can present their poultry products professionally with Stromberg’s heat shrink bags and safety labels. Use our Kosher-certified PVC shrink bags for packaging your products.

Once heat-shrunk, the bags ensure safe storage of the poultry in a refrigerator for three to seven days or a freezer for six to nine months. Shrink-wrapping poultry protects it from food contamination, and with the shrink film labels, you can attract more customers with professional packaging.

Shrink Bags and Safety Labels

Using flat shrink bags offers an easy way for sales packaging. Stromberg’s also offers processing labels and food safety labels to finish out the professional appearance of your poultry shrink bag. Apply these peel-and-stick labels easily to any shrink bag we sell. The labels can be customized and printed with your farm’s information, and a space will be provided for writing the weight, price, and process date of the product.

Stromberg’s Shrink Film Bags

Offer your customers safer poultry, presented professionally with our selection of BPA-free shrink film bags. We offer three sizes of bags and standard or custom labels. Order today and receive free shipping on any order of $150 or more.