Hanging Feeders

Hanging Feeders

Hanging Feeders

Using hanging feeders offers a better way to feed your chickens since it keeps the food clean and ensures they cannot scatter it and waste it. Shop Stromberg’s inventory for the hanging feeders you need to improve your poultry operations. Hanging a chicken feeder instead of setting it on the floor accomplishes the following:v

  • Makes it easier for chickens to feed.vvvvvv from rodents.
  • Reduces food waste.
  • Ensures the food stays clean.
  • Ensures the food stays dry.

Chickens will crawl on top of a feeder on the floor and scatter the feed onto the ground. They will defecate in a feeder on the ground or on the floor on top of the scattered food. Eating feces-covered food causes illnesses in the chickens and can render them inedible.

Hanging Chicken Feeder

Use a hanging feeder to solve the problems caused by scattering feed on the floor, or ground, or setting a feeder on the ground. Our inventory of feeder options ranges from 20- to 50-pound capacity devices in metal or plastic.

Stromberg’s inventory offers lidded options that also feature feed covers and feed grills, so you can protect the feed from chickens scratching it out of the feeder. With the grill on the hanging feeder, they can only peck it out of the feeder to eat it.

How to Hang a Chicken Feeder

Hang a chicken feeder at a height equal to the neck height of your smallest chickens. This offers an appropriate and comfortable height for all of your chickens and rooster to be fed.

Shop Stromberg’s for Your Chicken Feeding Supplies

Use hanging feeders to make it easier for your chickens to eat and to keep their food safe and clean. Shop our inventory for small and large feeders that work well with our waterers.