Now’s the time to create your backyard flock with Stromberg’s Chickens' day old chicks. Browse our wide selection of baby chicks for sale, with over 100 varieties to choose from!

We’re proud to offer such a vast range of breeds, including rare chicken types, giving you the opportunity to raise distinctive birds. With most of our chicks ready to ship from mid to late fall, you can start raising chickens at a time that suits you best.

Nurture Your Flock from Day One

Investing in day-old baby chicks allows you to foster a bond with your poultry flock from their earliest days of life. When you choose to raise your own baby chickens, you’re not just creating a small backyard flock for fresh eggs; you’re also cultivating companionship with these birds.

Many of our customers consider their hens and roosters more than just poultry; they’re pets, part of the family. Raising chickens from chicks allows you to connect with them on a deeper level, much like a mother hen would with her brood.

Understanding the Implications of an “Unsexed” Order

When choosing your chicks, you might notice the term “unsexed” in the breed descriptions, such as the splash standard Cochin chicks or buff-laced Polish breed of chicks. Unsexed simply means the chicks are not separated or specifically chosen based on their gender. Many chicken breeds do not show clear signs of their sex until a few weeks after birth, making it difficult to determine the ratio of hens to roosters in your new flock.

As your chicks mature, you might find that your unsexed flock consists of a mix of roosters and hens. At around five weeks old, baby chicks start to develop distinguishing features. By the time they’re ready to leave the brooder at six weeks old, you’ll likely need to manage your flock accordingly, usually maintaining a ratio of one rooster for every ten hens.

Raising Chickens & Poultry with Stromberg's

Stromberg’s Chickens offers an abundance of chicken and poultry options, from egg-laying hens to meat birds like the Cornish Rock Cross. We provide a range of chicken coops, egg laying supplies, incubators and much more for those who want the full experience of hatching their own chicks and raising them to become healthy adult birds.

Start or expand your flock today, and embark on the rewarding journey of raising poultry. Contact our team with any questions on finding the right baby chicks for you, and for tips on providing them with the best supplies.

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