Chickens provide a much-needed and delicious food source, and the culinary world has developed numerous ways to prepare chicken eggs. When people think of nesting birds, they may not think of chickens first because, unlike wild birds, they don’t typically see a hen nesting.

Stromberg’s knows chickens, and we understand that your birds want comfort and privacy while nesting. We offer an array of nesting boxes for your hens to cozy into while laying eggs.

What to Look for in Nest Boxes

Provide your chicken flock with the ideal nesting box. Our selection offers boxes for one, two, or three hens with separators between each bird’s nest, so each hen maintains her privacy. When shopping for a nesting box, look for the following important features:

  • light color wood to minimize heat draw down,
  • wood at least .75 inches thick so it offers good insulation from cold and heat,
  • drain holes in the box’s bottom,
  • easy cleaning and monitoring access,
  • interior grooves on the interior wall beneath the entry to help tiny fledglings move about more easily.

Some nesting boxes come pre-painted, but you can paint over the existing color if desired to create a lighter-colored nesting box.

Shop Stromberg’s for Your Chickens’ Nesting Boxes

Choose your chickens’ next boxes for their nests from Stromberg’s extensive supply. We offer a variety of nest box sizes and designs to suit individuals raising backyard chickens or large nest box designs for corporate farms.