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Dive into our collection of peafowl chicks for the best birds. Our breeders ensure a mix of 2-3 captivating color patterns from favorites like Blue India, Pied, Purple, White, or Black Shouldered. Even more exciting, you may occasionally spot rare colors such as Cameo, Oaten, Silver Pied, Buff Spalding, Midnight, Java, White Spalding, or Purple Black Shouldered in the assortment.

A Perfect Mix Just For You

With our assorted peafowl chicks, you not only get an array of peacock chicks but also a curated selection of guinea. Offering a hatchery's choice is the ideal way to experience the best of these popular birds.

Java Green Peafowls: Nature's Beauties

The Java Green Peafowls, also known as Muticus-Muticus, belong to the pheasant family. These birds thrive in grasslands, foraging for a diet enriched with bugs, small rodents, and game bird pellets. Known for being exceptional snake hunters, they require spaces with netted tops if caged due to their adept flying skills. Many Java owners prefer to let their birds roam free, embracing their love for roosting atop trees and their unclipped, unpinioned nature.