Our Poultry Waterers allows you to raise chickens without having to buy expensive feeders or water bowls. It also saves time and money!


Manual and Automatic Chicken Waterer

Provide your chickens and other poultry breeds with fresh water using a chicken waterer system. Choose from manual or automatic chicken waterers. These systems use enclosed jars or water bottles instead of open-top water troughs. Enclosed waterers keep the water clean while attached dangling nipples or small troughs let chickens drink fresh water as needed.

Poultry Waterers Sizes

Stromberg’s offers a wide variety of water dispenser styles and sizes, so you can choose small to large storage that can fill a water bottle with one liter to three gallons of water. Larger containers reduce the number of times you need to refill the water. The enclosed storage keeps water fresh to protect your poultry from getting sick. You can also use stick drinkers, which is more convenient since you can directly connect it to a garden hose, making the water always available and will be dispensed when the chicks tap the pin.

Shop Poultry Waterer at Stromberg’s

Keep your poultry happy and well-nourished with fresh water that they can access any time. Use poultry waterers with bases or drippers to guide your flock, especially newly hatched chicks. For extra drippers, buy additional spouts and connect them together. Free shipping on most orders over $150.