Poultry & Chicken Wound Care Products

Poultry & Chicken Wound Care

Find the products you need to treat your injured chickens right here. Keep your flock healthy with a chicken first aid kit.

Chickens, like any animal, can get hurt when going about their daily lives. They tend to peck at everything, including each other. Such action often leads to minor wounds or severe puncture wounds that will require treatment.

Tips to Treat Injured Chickens

Treating wounds require topical applications, such as antiseptic, fungicide, and antimicrobial medicines. Using these types of medications to treat chickens can stop an injury from becoming an infected wound.

Here are some tips to help with chicken injuries:

  • Apply pressure with a clean towel for deep wounds or animal bites until the bleeding stops. 

  • Use an antibiotic ointment or spray like Theracyn, which we carry. Apply a gauze pad and secure it with medical tape.

  • Prevent infection by keeping the wound clean and disinfected. Dirty wounds can easily develop infections.

  • Keeping a combination of antiseptic and fungicide products on hand can make chicken injuries easier to treat.

  • Use diluted chlorhexidine, an antiseptic and antimicrobial disinfectant, to clean the wound of an injured bird.

  • Take your wounded chicken to a local veterinarian to deal with serious injuries.

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