Pigeon Transport

Transporting pigeons from place to place can be tricky. You'll need to know what type of pigeon transport works best for traveling with pigeons. Learn more here!


Pigeon Transport Cage or Carton?

Stromberg’s Chickens carries both live bird transportation cartons and plastic transportation cages for various birds, including pigeons. The smaller pigeon transport products are designed as a pigeon cage to ensure their safely secured. Each carton can accommodate two pigeons. You can also use the pigeon cage to travel with or ship other birds up to a total weight of eight pounds. Choose from two sizes, small and large.

Our quick-fill cardboard transport boxes offer a push-in door, so you can easily load your pigeons quickly without losing any. These transport boxes come in a pack of five. Comprised of a one-piece design, they unfold into box shapes.

The sliding top door on the roomy plastic crate offers space for about 10 pigeons. The crate also has an easy-to-clean transport crate for a mini-flock of pigeons. This heavy-duty travel cage requires assembly.

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