Pigeon Bands

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Guide to Poultry Bands for Pigeons

You might think you can use any poultry band for pigeons, too, but not if you want to race or show them. Each national organization involved in sports for pigeons requires its own sealed plastic band.

American Racing Pigeon Union (ARPU) Bands

The American Racing Pigeon Union (ARPU) requires banding the birds during their first six to 10 days of life. The ARPU issues new bands annually, using a different color each year. This identifies the year of their birth.

National Pigeon Association (NPA) Bands

Similarly, the National Pigeon Association (NPA) requires the banding of birds. Stromberg’s also carries NPA bands. This organization also changes the color of its band design each year.

Other Reasons to Band

Many farms band their pigeons with more than one leg band. The second band identifies their farm, coop number, and flock. Some local racing clubs also require banding with a branded band.

Both options come in packs of 25 bands. If you do not wish to show or race your pigeons, we also offer general poultry bands.