Netting & Fencing

We have an extensive line of Fencing and Netting supplies for sale. Check out our selection today and save!

Netting Supplies

We have an extensive line of fencing and netting materials for sale. Check out our selection today and save! With four generations of experience in the poultry industry, we have the right poultry netting and fencing for your farm! Shop for poultry netting at Stromberg's!


We carry everything from aviary supplies and electric poultry fencing to pest control traps, predator control netting, and more. Ensure the safety of your poultry with the help of our poultry netting and tools.

Fencing Supplies

Stromberg’s also carries fencing supplies, including tools, galvanized wire hex fencing, galvanized hardware cloth, fencing staples, aircraft cable, cage hooks, and more.

Rodent Bait and Traps

Keep your chicken coop and aviary safe from rodents with our selection of rat and mouse traps. Our inventory includes Tomcat all-weather bait chunks for baiting repeating mouse traps or bait stations.

Shop at Stromberg’s

With so many net-making supplies available, it helps to shop at an experienced specialty store. We have the right poultry supplies and traps for any situation, and you can message our staff for guidance on important questions like whether one-inch or two-inch heavy-duty netting better suits your situation. 

Explore our selection of tools, poultry netting, net-making supplies, and fence options for game birds, chickens, and aviaries and find the ideal solution to help you be successful.