1/2" Galvanized Hardware Cloth

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We offer galvanized hardware cloth that lets you create cages and chicken coops that are safe from predators. Our hardware cloth is made from galvanized steel that has been hot-dipped for added durability. The wire mesh is also rust-resistant, allowing you to set up a perimeter that can withstand the elements.


First welded and then hot-dip galvanized to enhance durability in outdoor conditions, ensuring even the welds are protected. Crafted from heavy-duty 19-gauge material for robust construction.

Galvanized Cloth Uses

Our hardware cloth is highly versatile and can be used for creating chicken coops and poultry netting to keep your birds secure. Additionally, this wire mesh is perfect for constructing a garden fence, pest control barrier, and even an animal enclosure.

With its high-quality galvanized steel construction, you can trust our hardware cloth to provide lasting protection in your yard.

Versatile Applications

Our galvanized hardware cloth is up to the task, no matter the application. Its versatile mesh can be used in countless ways, providing durable support and protection. Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, our rolls of hardware cloth are a staple for gardens and farms alike.

Unique Advantages

Beyond basic enclosures, this mesh excels in creating secure barriers for gardens, effectively deterring pests, and building safe spaces for a variety of animals. Its rust-resistant feature guarantees a long-lasting perimeter, giving you peace of mind and reducing maintenance needs.