1" Galvanized and PVC Coated, Wire Hex Fencing

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PVC-Coated Chicken Wire

Protect your poultry and keep them safe with our high-quality PVC-coated chicken wire. This durable and versatile fencing solution lets you create secure enclosures for your chickens and game birds. The galvanized steel wire will also work with larger poultry.

Benefits of PVC-Coated Chicken Wire

Our poultry netting chicken wire is designed to give you peace of mind knowing your birds have a strong fence to keep them safe. The PVC coating ensures that the wires are resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV damage, making them perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.

The fence wiring can also be used for a variety of applications, including securing your poultry, creating garden boundaries, and supporting plants.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing our PVC-coated poultry netting is a breeze. Simply unroll the fence, secure it to your posts, and cut off any excess wire. The maintenance of the PVC-coated fence is minimal, as the coating prevents rust and corrosion. To clean your poultry netting, just gently hose it down with water and let it air dry.