Killing Cones & Stands

We have an extensive line of killing cones and stands to assist any poultry processing operation! Shop now!


Restraining Cones

You might have read tutorials online that explain how to make a killing cone, but buying them makes things much easier. That’s because if you own more than one size of bird, you’ll need more than one size of cone.

The cones we sell come forged from galvanized steel with rolled edges. Rolled edges keep you from cutting yourself while working with the birds.

Using a Killing or Restraining Cone

Stromberg’s offers a wide range of economy restraining cones. These restraining cones keep you safe while you go through your production process.

To use the cone, slip the small bottom hole over the bird’s head and onto its neck. The rest of the chicken fills the large funnel of the cone. This makes it easier to handle and position the bird.

Shop Stromberg’s for Efficient Poultry Production

We have various cone sizes for different kinds of fowl—from a small to medium cone for game birds and chickens to an extra large cone for turkeys and other big fowl. Getting the proper cone size makes it easier to fit your birds and restrict movement.

Check out our quality collection for smoother and more efficient poultry production.