Racing Homing Pigeons

Racing Homers

Messenger, Homing, and Racing Pigeons

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Stromberg’s Chickens supplies many agricultural needs, but we specialize in chickens and other birds. We offer three main types of pigeons:

  • homing
  • racing
  • carrier

You can also find pigeons for meat in our selection.

Homing Pigeons

Pigeons comprise one of the most intelligent bird species. These trainable avians became famous in fiction and non-fiction for their abilities to remember how to reach home and to figure out new routes to return to their home. Raising a homing pigeon involves some training, but these birds make it rather easy.

Racing Pigeons

Two organizations oversee the pastime of pigeon racing: the American Racing Pigeon Union (ARPU) and the Pro Pigeon Racing Association (PPRA). These organizations set and enforce rules on racing, banding for age and identification, and bird conditions and treatment. All of our birds meet ARPU and PPRA requirements. We also offer banding supplies for the ARPU and coops, netting and fencing materials, and feed.

Carrier Pigeons/Messenger Pigeons

Before the days of cellphones, instant messenger, and email, pigeons flew messages tied to their neck collars to far-flung locations. These speedy birds can travel up to 150 miles per hour. A messenger pigeon provided the first airmail service for a company called Pigeon-Gram Service in New Zealand.

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