Anti-Pecking Supplies

Pecking is an innate bird behavior that can be prevented by using anti-pecking products. Learn more about these products today!


Anti-Pecking for Chickens and Birds

Stromberg’s Chickens offers quality anti-pecking supplies to keep your chickens and game birds from harming each other. These products are designed to stop pecking and minimize aggressive behavior. We offer a range of anti-pecking items to help manage your flock and maintain a healthy, thriving poultry stock.

All the Anti-Pecking Products You Need

We offer all of the anti-pecking products you’ll need to maintain peace in your poultry farm. We have everything from bits and applicators to peepers. These items can deter unwanted behavior among your birds while promoting a harmonious environment.

Highly Effective Beak Guards

Our beak guards are designed as a non-intrusive way to prevent pecking. These items will still allow members of your flock to eat, drink, and preen. You can apply these as early as 6 weeks of age and you can keep them on until release. Browse our selection of anti-pecking products today and take the first step toward a happier, healthier flock.