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Poultry Incubator Accessories and Parts

Eggs harvested for poultry should be placed into an incubator until they hatch. Every day, hens lay eggs, so the incubators will be used nonstop. This is one of the most important equipment in poultry production, and therefore maintenance should be done frequently to ensure it works properly.

Disinfecting Incubators Keeps Chicks Healthy

Stromberg’s high-quality incubators are guaranteed to last. But since it is used all the time, dirt and other foreign particles could be collected. To prevent airborne diseases from propagating, the units should be disinfected after each use. An all-purpose disinfectant ideal for fogging an incubator for sanitation and is also safe for poultry is available on our website. Also, sanitize eggs before placing them into the incubator. This helps eliminate shell-borne diseases.

Parts and Accessories for Incubators

Our store offers replacement parts for incubators, whether for an electric or one with gas regulators.

Keep the air in the incubator clean and safe for the developing chicks. The filter kit should be replaced regularly to ensure that they are working efficiently and if they become too dirty or clogged up with debris from the eggs and bedding material.

To keep the eggs in place and prevent them from rolling around, tube holders are used. They are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, and they come in a variety of sizes. To provide a more stable environment for the eggs to develop, they need to be replaced every now and then.

Replacement bulbs should always be ready to maintain the warmth for the eggs as well as the newly hatched chicks. When they hatch, they should be transferred into the brooder. Although baby chicks can go up to 24 hours after birth without eating or drinking water, using a shelf kit to install a feed trough ensures they can consume sustenance immediately. The first chicks to hatch should remain in the brooder during the first few weeks because their chirping encourages the unhatched chicks to break through their shell.

Stromberg’s Incubator Supplies

Maintain the quality of your incubator with the help of Stromberg’s incubator supplies. We ship orders totaling $150 or more for free, so order enough replacement parts and supplies to maximize your savings.