Galvanized Walk In Chicken Run with Roof

$577.50 - $697.99

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Are you raising chickens? Our walk-in chicken runs allow easy access to your birds while keeping them safe. You no longer have to duck or crawl into the run to feed or check on your birds. Our product is easy to assemble and comes in three convenient sizes that will work in any yard.

Place your coop inside and use it as a stationary run or keep your meat birds safe as you move it around the yard. This chicken run is made with durable material to serve you for years.

Explicitly made with backyard chickens in mind, this chicken cage will ensure your birds stay cool, dry, and happy. Whether you have a small flock, outdoor backyard farm or larger enterprise, you’ll find three sizes available to suit different volumes of birds, including:

6.6 ft x 9.8 ft x 6.6 ft

13.1 ft x 9.8 ft x 6.6 ft

19.7 ft x 9.8 ft x 6.6 ft


  • Made using galvanized steel and PVC-coated chicken wire for durability
  • Comes with a high-quality tarp to provide shade for your birds
  • Frame is made of sturdy metal to lock and protect your chicken from predators
  • Provides more than enough space for small and large birds


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    bird limits

    by Wayne Hatfield on Jan 31, 2023

    Home many birds will it accommodate?