"Hen House" Wooden Chicken Coop with Run (2-3 chickens)

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Product Details


Stromberg’s Chickens brings you a practical chicken coop for 2 chickens for your feathered friends. This coop is thoughtfully designed and can comfortably house two chickens.

  • The hen house is made of durable fir wood. 
  • The waterproof roof on the coop and nesting box keeps your chickens dry, while the window allows for ventilation. 
  • Comes with a pull-out cleaning tray for quick coop maintenance. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable and easy to assemble. 
  • Measures 78.3"x 28.7" x 51.2"

Why Buy Stromberg’s Chicken Coops?

This hen house for 2-3 chickens is a great option for your hatchery for a few reasons:

  • Sturdy build: The chicken coop features a sturdy construction that makes it durable. The wood panels and asphalt protect the coop against the elements.
  • Convenient: A spacious coop makes cleaning, collecting eggs, and feeding that’s easy to assemble. The windows are for sufficient ventilation, while the nesting boxes are perfect for the eggs to lay eggs and as a sleeping area.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Attractive and adds color to your outdoor space.