Brower Chick & Quail Brooder

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With adjustable brooder temperature settings, our quail brooder is the perfect solution for raising your quail chicks. We give your birds a safe and cozy space to grow and thrive. Featuring a galvanized steel construction, with a poly feeder and drinker included.

We pride ourselves on providing quality products. Our quail brooders are designed to meet the expectations of chicken keepers.


Stromberg’s Chickens offers top-notch quail brooders that are friendly to your quail. Below are some of the qualities of our brooders:

  • A feed trough filling from outside: Holds approximately 7 pounds of feed, ensuring your chicks have enough food to last a while. 
  • Universal water drinker: Has a 3-liter capacity with a self-cleaning trough. 
  • Sizeable capacity: Holds up to 100 day-old chicks, 50 four-week-old chicks, or 100 quail chicks to the fourth week. 
  • PVC-coated wire mesh floor: This ensures your quails are comfortable and safe. You can cover the bottom with paper towels or cage board for the first week.
  • Easy to clean: Dropping pan is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Overall size of 42” L x 27” W x 19.5” H: This brooder is perfect for those limited in space.
  • Great heating: 250W heating element with thermostat control.

We have the most innovative quail brooders constructed with galvanized steel.