Radiant Heat Plate Chick Brooders

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Discover the ideal solution for keeping your chicks warm while keeping your costs low with our Radiant Heat Plate Poultry Brooder. Designed to prioritize safety and efficiency, these brooder heat plates boast remarkable features to ensure optimal conditions for your feathered companions.

Key Features:

Energy-Efficient Warmth: Our brooder heat plates utilize only 10% of the energy consumed by a standard 250-watt lightbulb. Experience substantial energy cost savings without compromising on the warmth your chicks need.

Feather-Friendly Environment: Unlike traditional brooders, our radiant heat plates allow birds to move freely between heated and non-heated areas. This freedom promotes healthier feathering, ensuring your chicks feather out more fully for robust growth.

Safe and Cost-Effective: Eliminate the worry of fire hazards with our brooder's safe and efficient radiant heat technology. You can rest easy knowing that your chicks are kept warm without incurring unnecessary energy expenses.

Invest in the well-being of your poultry with our Radiant Heat Plate Poultry Brooder — where warmth meets efficiency for thriving chicks and reduced energy costs.


  • 2.40 x 18.80 x 28.60 inches
  • For Up to 20 Chicks - 10" x 12"
  • For Up to 50 Chicks - 15" x 17"