GQF Universal Box Brooder

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This GQF brooder box with drop pans is a great deal to give your chicken plenty of room and sufficient heat. It’s easy to clean and assemble, and with the outstanding quality of construction, it stands up to the everyday rigors of home life.

To get our GQF universal box brooder, shop online or contact us at 1 (800) 720-1134. Please note that inventory may vary per location. Use our store locator to find a store near you and call ahead to confirm if we have one available for pickup.

Key Features of the GQF Universal Brooder Box

Our universal box brooder is chick friendly. It comes with the following features:

  • Heating: The 300-watt heater provides sufficient heat, while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. It also comes with 2 bulbs included to help hold chicks in the heated area.
  • Accessible Brooder: 3 plastic panels allow for quick viewing of the inside. Meanwhile, there are adjustable gates on each side of the box to ensure easy and full access to the chicks.
  • Multiple Troughs: Each brooder has three 28.5’ troughs for feeding or watering. It ensures ample feed and water space, even for weaker chicks needing more access. 
  • Optional Automatic Watering: Gives a significant amount of water for the best health of the chicks. It also incorporates an optional automatic watering system. 
  • Stress-Free Environment:  Provides the ideal environment for young birds and helps eliminate stress while promoting healthy development.
  • Easy to Clean: This brooder has a thin wire ½” mesh floor that lets droppings easily pass through. Its easy-to-remove drop pans allow for quick cleaning.

The dimensions of our GQF universal brooder box are 32” X 38” X 12”. It has an approximate capacity of 100 quail and 50 Chukar birds or pheasants up to 4 weeks or 100 chicks through 2 weeks.

This box will be shipped in 2 cartons and will require assembly.