3.5 Gallon Waterer w/Heater Base 2 pack


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This fount has a heated base to keep your chickens supplied with liquid water in the wintertime.


  • 10.60 x 20.40 x 24.10 inches


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    Poor Quality

    by Richard Dunn on Dec 16, 2022

    Bought a 2-pack of these waterers. Put one to use, and kept the other as a spare. I wasn't counting on the first base breaking the very first time I went to change the water. One of three retaining clips on the base broke off, causing the water to spill all over the chicken house. Put the backup base to use, and got it online, but only after having the base become detached three times, the third time spilling another two to three gallons of water in the chicken house. The base appears very cheaply made, and will not last long, especially in the cold.

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    Most useless item I have ever purchased

    by Judy on Dec 15, 2022

    I have used chicken waterers for decades and never had one that is as much of a problem as this. The water container does NOT lock on to the base. So most of the time when turning the unit right-side up, the base falls off and water sprays everywhere. It does not matter if you turn it in the direction of the slot holders, the slightest twist causes it to come apart. Do not buy this. If I could have given a zero rating I would. I will now be forced to change water 3-4 times a day while walking over the ice caused by this constant spillage.