Sweeter Heater Baby Chick Brooder

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$120.75 - $168.00

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This sweeter heater baby chick brooder is ideal for chicken brooders and coops, whelping areas, kennel runs, farrowing units, and more. Keep the sweeter heater close to the backs of the birds so they can get in close to it. A heat lamp is not needed.

Sweeter heaters stand out for their safety and energy efficiency. It’s a simple electric heating device that’s easy to install and perfect for keeping chicks warm and comfortable on very cold nights without the fire risk often associated with traditional heat lamps. Its temperature control prevents severe overheating.

Designed for ease and versatility, this energy-efficient brooder heater is ideal across various settings, including chicken coops, whelping areas, nesting boxes, and more. It can hold up warm up to 85 chicks.

  • No hot spots as it develops a uniform heat pattern and has a 3-year warranty.
  • The heating surface temperature of the lens will range from a safe 160 to 180 degrees (F).
  • Designed to warm animals like baby chicks and adult chickens, not the environment.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • The lens temperature will not exceed 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and will not burn your animals.
  • Has a snap-action thermal control to ensure heaters turn off automatically.


This sweeter heater baby chick brooder is available for multiple bird capacities.

  • 11" X 16" - 50 Watts - 0.45 Amps - 35 Chicks
  • 11" X 30" - 100 Watts - 0.9 Amps - 65 Chicks
  • 11" X 40" - 150 Watts - 1.4 Amps - 85 Chicks