Yellow Golden Pheasants

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Embrace the charm of these magnificent birds as we introduce you to the captivating world of Yellow Golden Pheasants. Originating from Italy in the 1950s, these pheasants are not just birds but a symbol of elegance and resilience. Join us in exploring the unique traits and offerings of these splendid creatures.

The Yellow Golden Pheasant

Our collection of Yellow Golden Pheasants showcases the striking beauty of these golden pheasants. The males, with their radiant golden crests and dark metallic green backs, are a marvel to behold. The yellow-golden hue that adorns their plumage is a testament to their name.

These pheasants are hardy and adapt well to life in aviaries, proving to be a resilient and majestic breed.

Breeding and Growth of Yellow Golden Pheasants

Breeding Yellow Golden Pheasants is a rewarding experience. These pheasants lay clutches ranging from 6-12 eggs, with a typical incubation period of 22-23 days.

Watch the growth of these golden pheasants, as the males reach about 1.5 lbs and females approximately 1.35 lbs. Their full color and grandeur come into being in their second year, a sight truly worth the wait.

Begin Your Yellow Golden Pheasant Adventure

Embrace the opportunity to raise Yellow Golden Pheasants. Whether you're an experienced breeder or a newcomer to the world of pheasants, the Yellow Golden Pheasant is an excellent choice.