Yellow Golden Pheasants

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A variety of the Yellow Golden. As an aviary bird, they appear to be content and do well in aviaries of quite small size, and are very hardy. The Yellow Golden was first developed in Italy in the 1950's. Similar to the red golden color pattern, the main difference is the reddish color is replaced by light yellow feathers., Males have a bright golden crest. The upper back is dark metallic green with black borders, the rest of the back and rump have golden feathers. The central tail feathers are black spotted with buff.

  • Clutch 6-12 eggs .
  • Incubation 22-23 days.
  • Weight: Male 1.5 lbs, Female 1.35
  • Length: Male 39", Female 25"
  • Full plumage 2nd year.
  • Availability: Juvenile Pair or Full Color Pair